Preventative inspections
identify potential problems
before they occur

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Prevent Critical Incidents

Waiting until a critical incident occurs only to discover your security system isn’t working as intended can result in expensive repairs. You depend on your security systems to protect your staff and assets, so it makes sense that you have regular maintenance to ensure they are working optimally.

Maintenance Frequency

As a minimum an on-site preventative maintenance inspection should be completed at least once per year, more frequent inspections are recommended for high security and mission critical sites for cost savings.

Chubb's Maintenance Process

Our preventative maintenance programs can also be tailored based on the customers risk profile and equipment age and condition, however as a general guideline the following tasks are undertaken.

Intruder Alarm System Inspections Include

  • Visual inspection

  • Testing alarm signals back to the monitoring centre

  • Checking the coverage and performance of all detection devices

  • Checking batteries and power supplies

  • Checking sirens and strobes

  • Checking environmental conditions

Video Surveillance System Inspections Include

  • Checking quality and duration of recorded images

  • Run diagnostics on servers, storage drives and switches and optimize performance

  • Checking coverage and performance of cameras and adjust as required

  • Clean and check camera housings

Access Control System Inspections Include

  • Checking card readers for correct operation

  • Perform a system database backup

  • Checking door locks and strikes for correct operation and signs of wear and tampering

  • Testing alarm points

  • Checking batteries and power supplies

Maintenance Reports

Each preventative maintenance inspection is fully documented by our team and a comprehensive report provided, with professional advice documenting recommended repairs any future enhancements.


Chubb Electronic Security is one of Australia’s leading security integrators.

Security Monitoring And Response

Chubb operates two state of the art, industry certified grade A1 monitoring centres, operating 24/7 to ensure that we are always there to protect your people, property and assets.

Security Licences And Standards

Chubb is accredited to the highest security industry standards and holds the relevant licences as required by legislation.

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