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Firefighting nozzles
and monitors

Chubb supplies a comprehensive range of firefighting nozzles and monitors from some of the world's best known manufacturers.

Firefighting nozzles

Chubb offers a comprehensive range of nozzles from many of the worlds best known nozzle manufacturers to suit almost every application. From the constant, automatic and multi-purpose Protek nozzles, demanded by professional fire fighters, through to Plexone nozzles and other fog jet and spray nozzles. No matter the situation, emergency or industry, Chubb can provide a nozzle to meet most requirements.

The nozzle range includes constant, automatic and selectable flow and come in a choice of materials including aluminium alloy and brass. In some cases 5 bar as well as 7 bar nozzles are available.

Protek fire fighting nozzles

Protek have grown to become one of Australia’s favoured fire fighting nozzles. The range is extensive and includes both alloy and brass models. All Protek nozzles feature ‘D’ handles and pistol grips for ease of use during firefighting operations. Protek nozzles come in a choice of flows including multi-purpose, selectable automatic fixed pressure, constant and high pressure. Protek nozzles can be used in fog jet or straight stream. Flow rates vary between models and can be as low as 19 lpm and as high as 950 lpm. In addition to nozzles the Protek also offer a complete range of fittings and accessories to enhance the performance and characteristics of their nozzles for various applications.

Recent additions to the Protek range include the 150-366EH which includes an inbuilt extendable foam tube and the 150-366F which is specifically designed for use at 5 Bar.


Protek Catalogue-228

Plexone nozzles

The Plexone Fog Nozzle is a light weight fog/jet nozzle that makes it ideally suited for forestry and fire departments, agriculture and industry. Plexone nozzles can be used for both fog jet and straight stream water delivery. Available in three sizes, the Plexone nozzle is simple to use, economical and very popular for a range of applications.


Chubb Fire Products Catalogue

Other nozzles

Just as every emergency is different and requirements change, so too is the type of nozzle required to meet that need. Chubb offers a range of additional nozzles designed to meet specific needs. These include mushroom type fog jet nozzles and low flow nozzles for harsh environments. Chubb supplies a range of nozzles to industry and government departments. In addition to Protek and Plexone nozzles, Chubb offers a variety of specialist nozzles and the range of nozzles is constantly evolving. If you have a requirement for another nozzle not listed on the Chubb website, please contact us for our ability to assist you.


Chubb Fire Products Catalogue

Firefighting monitors

Monitors spend most of their lives static and lifeless. But when a fire is detected they can often be the only practical way of applying foam or water to the fire. While simple in principle, monitors are sophisticated pieces of engineering made to deliver a specific performance after long periods of inactivity. Like many engineering challenges, the design of a monitor can take many forms depending on the specific hazard it is intended to protect and the mechanism and method of operation the designer uses to achieve the final layout.

The fire monitor range includes both portable and fixed models in a choice of materials with some models offering as high as 50,000L of water per minute. As well as standard monitors, electric, hydro-electric and hydraulic models are available. The range also offers remote controlled and explosion proof models.

Angus Fire monitors

The Angus Fire Streamline range of firefighting monitors sets new standards of performance and flexibility for any high risk environment. The “modular” design allows full interchangeability and easy upgrades in specification, removing the need to purchase new monitor systems each time your fire risk changes. Models are available with flow rates from 4,500 to 7,500 lpm with 100mm waterways.

The Streamline Portable Ground Monitor has been specially designed to combine very light weight with excellent stability and low maintenance. It is robust and effective and can very quickly be brought into use. It folds compactly for vehicle stowage. It is intended for use in the medium output range, typically up to 1800 lpm.


Angus Fire Monitors Overview Brochure

Angus Fire Monitors Brochure

Angus Fire long throw nozzles and cannons

Angus Fire Long Throw LTN Nozzles have been designed for a wide range of applications, requiring a waterjet or spray pattern. Whether for extinguishing fires, cooling duties including storage tanks and process areas, other hot metal surfaces, or providing protection against radiant heat, the LTN Nozzles will provide reliable and effective protection. Angus Fire Long Throw LTC Cannons have been designed for a wide range of foam applications. Foam Monitor Cannons are designed for use with the Streamline range of Angus monitors and are available in five sizes with capacities of 1800, 2700, 3600, 6,000 and 7,500 lpm of foam solution at 7 bar inlet pressure.


Angus Fire Monitors Brochure

Protek monitors

Protek monitors come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations including both fixed and portable models. The range includes oscillating models as well as a mechanism to transform a manual monitor to oscillating. Monitors are available in both aluminium alloy and bronze to suit various applications and environments. Flow rates range from 660 lpm to 4800 lpm.


Protek Catalogue 228

Striker monitors

A range of fixed and vehicle mount stainless steel monitors. The monitors were designed and are manufactured within Australia to suit Australian conditions and requirements. Striker monitors are available in a variety of sizes and flows with varying handle designs allowing for greater ease of use and control.


Chubb Fire Products Catalogue

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Service And Maintenance

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your fire equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most.

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Chubb Australia holds an industry licence to install and maintain fire sprinkler systems as specified by Australian Standards.

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