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Importance Of Fire Services and Maintenance

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your fire equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most – in an emergency. Preventative inspections identify potential problems before they occur.

The Risk Of Faulty Fire Equipment

Outdated, faulty or ineffective fire extinguishers, fire equipment and systems can place lives and property at risk in the case of a fire emergency. That is why it’s critical to have fire safety equipment and systems on your premises or throughout your site regularly tested by professional fire technicians.

Fire Safety Maintenance

Chubb’s fire extinguisher maintenance program involves regularly testing and servicing your fire extinguishers to ensure they are functioning correctly, reach their life expectancy and comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

As Part Of Chubb’s Maintenance Program, Our Experienced Technicians


  • Test fire extinguishers in accordance with Australian Standards
  • Repair and replace equipment and components where required
  • Record all work carried out and issue a certificate of inspection

Inspection And Testing

Outdated, faulty or ineffective fire extinguishers can place lives and property at risk in the case of a fire emergency.

Defect Management

Chubb can collect data by reviewing your system to analyse your fire system for defects.

24/7 Emergency Servicing

When fire emergencies that can be handled by our technicians arise, you need a fast, reliable 24/7 service technician to respond quickly to your location.

Account Management

Chubb provides top quality support throughout the fire installation and service process.

Customer Service Portal

Chubb’s secure online customer portal provides customers with real-time visibility and control over their Chubb service calls, maintenance and monitoring services in one place while on the go.

Annual Compliance Statements

Chubb is fully licenced and qualified to prescribe annual compliance checks.

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