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Industry Leader

Chubb is a distributor of leading firefighting products and equipment. See our ranges below.

Nozzles And Monitors

Chubb supplies a comprehensive range of firefighting nozzles and monitors from some of the world’s best known manufacturers.

Firefighting Hose

Extruded and textile hoses to suit most applications.

Firefighting Foam

Chubb offers a comprehensive range of Angus Fire firefighting foam and BioCentral water enhancing products and services.

FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

A thermal imaging camera (TIC) is indispensable – a vital tool that helps you quickly visualize your plan of attack, locate hot spots and save lives.

Hazmat Suits

Respirex International is a leading supplier of personal protective solutions including gas-tight, chemical protective, splash suits and CBRN equipment.

Hazmat Accessories

See Respirex’s range of hazmat accessories.

Foam – Fixed Systems

Fixed foam systems equipment for commercial or industrial use.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Ensure protection of you and your employees through our range of PPE.

Forestry Firefighting Equipment

The continued escalation of fires calls for the evolution of firefighting equipment. 

Foam – Portable Equipment

View our wide range of portable systems suitable for all fire threats.

Couplings And Fittings

Chubb supply firefighting couplings and adaptors from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

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