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Portable Foam Equipment

Chubb offers a complete range of portable foam equipment products from portable low expansion branchpipes, foam generators and mobile foam units, such as the world-renowned AF120. Designed to fight fires involving flammable liquids in all high risk industries, this equipment has been developed to perform optimally with the Angus Fire range of foam concentrates.

AF120 mobile foam cart

The innovative AF120 Mk2 is a fully self-contained mobile foam unit specifically developed for the rapid deployment of foam extinguishing agent to fires and chemical spills.The AF120 Mk2 is ideal for the protection of smaller flammable liquid hazards such as boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and similar high risk areas.

Requiring only connection to suitable water supply, the standard unit comprises a 120 litre foam concentrate tank, Hi Combat IND225 inductor and F225/H low expansion foam branchpipe. The unit also two 15mm lengths of Dutch-coiled Duraline fire hose, fitted with light alloy 2 ½” instantaneous couplings (other connections available to special order).  A shut off ball valve is also fitted as standard to facilitate swift operation by one person.

The AF120 can also be used with Angus Hi Combat MEX225 and MEX450 medium expansion foam branchpipes, which are particularly suitable for rapid intervention in cases where vapour suppression of chemical spills is necessary.


Chubb Fire Products Catalogue

Angus Fire Hi-Combat low and medium expansion branchpipes

Hi-Combat Foamaster Low Expansion Foam Branchpipes

Low Expansion Foam Branchpipes combine optimum long-range throw performance with the capability to produce the highest quality, low expansion foam. Self-inducing models are supplied complete with foam pick-up tube and piercer.

Hi Combat Foamaster Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes

Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes produce the highest quality medium expansion foam at low operating pressures. The high volumes of foam produced are ideal for rapid vapour suppression and fire control over large surface areas, minimising water consumption and subsequent water damage. They are effective in a wide range of fires involving both flammable liquids and solids.  The branchpipes are matched to Angus Foam Uniductors, MEX-225U to UNI-225 and the MEX-450U to UNI-450.


Angus Fire Hi-Combat Portable Fire Equipment

Angus Fire Low Expansion Foam Branchpipe Data Sheet

Angus Fire Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipe Data Sheet

Striker foam branchpipes

Striker foam branchpipes are lightweight and made in Australia for emergency services and industry. Suitable for use on Class A materials such as forestry and structural fires with Angus Forexpan foam concentrate as well as Class B foam concentrates.  Manufactured from rugged 316 stainless steel with corrosion resistant components, Striker branchpipes are suited to onshore, offshore, underground mining and other harsh environmental applications. They are suitable for use with Angus Fire inductors.

Striker Self Inducing Foam Branchpipes

These lightweight branchpipes are made in Australia for emergency services and industry. Suitable for use on Class A materials such as forestry and structural fires with Angus Fire Forexpan foam concentrate as well as Class B foam concentrates.   Manufactured from rugged 316 stainless steel with corrosion resistant components, they are suited to onshore, offshore, underground mining and other harsh environmental applications.  It is suitable for use with Angus Fire inductors.

Striker 225 Foam Branchpipe – Mines Special

The Striker 225 Mines Special is an Australian made foam branchpipe especially designed for mining conditions. All parts are made from stainless steel or gunmetal and are safe to use in all mining situations. The branchpipes are available in self inducing and non-inducing models.


Chubb Fire Products Catalogue

Inductors and uniductors

Chubb offers a range of inductors and uniductors for use in the induction of foam. Angus Fire Hi-Combat uniductors are available in various induction rates and are designed for use with Angus Fire low and medium expansion Hi-Combat branchpipes for optimal performance. Also available is an inline inductor from Protek.

Angus Fire Hi-Combat variable foam uniductors UNI-225, UNI-450, UNI-900

Variable Foam Uniductors provide the simplest and most accurate means of inducing foam concentrate into the water stream. Operating on the Venturi Principle, foam concentrate is drawn in and mixed with the water stream to produce foam solution. For the first time ever, the uniductor can distinguish between standard and multi-purpose AR type foams. The foam pick-up rate is adjustable between 3%, 3%AR, 6% and 6%AR. A special energy recovery system limits pressure loss across the inductors to about 40% to retain maximum pressure for foam projection.

Protek 201 Inline Foam Inductor

Suitable for use with most foam concentrates, the Protek 201 is made from solid brass construction  for durability.  A check ball prevents back flow while the metering device is detachable for easy cleaning.  It is supplied with a reinforced clear PVC pick up tube to prevent kinking.  Push and turn induction setting prevents accidental alteration. It is available in 38mm or 64mm inlet and outlet.


Angus Fire Portable Foam Uniductors Data Sheet

Angus Fire Portable Foam Inductor UNI 900 Data Sheet

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Chubb has experienced and accredited technicians who can design, install and maintain your fire systems and portable fire equipment.

Service And Maintenance

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your fire equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most.

Emergency Plans And Training

As part of workplace WHS regulations, all buildings must have an appropriate emergency plan in place to protect employees, contractors, site visitors and customers.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring and regular maintenance are critical to help protect your people, property and assets.

Fire Licences, Standards And Legislation

Chubb Australia holds an industry licence to install and maintain fire sprinkler systems as specified by Australian Standards.

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