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Vehicle Fire Risks

Heat, flammable liquids and electrical components in an enclosed engine compartment can pose a significant fire risk. An accident, ruptured fuel or hydraulic line or even a faulty part can result in a serious emergency.

Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems


Chubb offers a range of specialist vehicle fire suppression systems to reduce the fire risk for your operators, vehicles and earthmoving equipment.


PEFS Systems

Pre-engineered foam spray (PEFS) fire protection systems are versatile, cost effective and designed to handle extreme operating conditions. Strategically positioned spray nozzles achieve fast and effective fire suppression by directing high velocity foam spray onto a pre-determined fire hazard area.


PEFS F3 Systems

A variation on our original PEFS system, PEFS F3 has been designed to be used with a fluorine free foam solution. This innovative system includes a naturally aspirating spray nozzle to deliver an improved and consistent foam application to the fire hazard area.

Our PEFS and PEFS F3 systems are tested to the latest version of AS 5062 and are listed on the CSIRO ActivFire Register of Fire Protection Equipment.



Description Version   Type Link
VS-MKII Install Manual 1.1 Manual VS-MKII Install Manual.pdf
FSM-ES and FSM-S Fire System Monitoring Panels Manual 1.2 Manual FSM-ES and FSM-S Fire System Monitoring Panels Manual.pdf
FSM-ES Setup Guide 2 Manual FSM-ES Setup Guide V2.pdf

Service And Maintenance

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your fire equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most.

Fire Fighting Products And Equipment

Chubb is a leading supplier in Australia of Fire Fighting Products and Equipment.

Emergency Plans And Training

As part of workplace WHS regulations, all buildings must have an appropriate emergency plan in place to protect employees, contractors, site visitors and customers.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring and regular maintenance are critical to help protect your people, property and assets.

Fire Licences, Standards And Legislation

Chubb Australia holds an industry licence to install and maintain fire sprinkler systems as specified by Australian Standards.

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