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Importance Of An Early Warning

Early fire detection can mean the difference between a small, manageable fire incident and a catastrophic fire emergency where assets, property and even lives may be lost.

Fire Alarm System Specialists

Chubb specialises in designing, installing and maintaining advanced fire detection and alarm systems for your commercial premises, warehouse environment or industrial site.

Fire Detection System Capabilities

Our systems can be configured to suit your exact needs, and offer capabilities such as:

  • Thermal detection – point type and linear heat detection
  • Smoke detection – photo-optical, ionisation and multi-criteria
  • Flame detection – ultraviolet, infrared, dual spectrum and triple infrared
  • High sensitivity aspirated smoke detection

EVAC Systems

How safely can people exit your premises during an evacuation or emergency?

Chubb can advise you on correct placement of exit and emergency lighting that identifies escape routes and provides visibility during power failures.

Does your site have an emergency plan?

Chubb can provide you with evacuation diagrams and emergency procedures required to protect your people, property and assets.

Fire Detection
And EVAC Specialists

Service And Maintenance

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your fire equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most.

Fire Fighting Products And Equipment

Chubb is a leading supplier in Australia of Fire Fighting Products and Equipment.

Emergency Plans And Training

As part of workplace WHS regulations, all buildings must have an appropriate emergency plan in place to protect employees, contractors, site visitors and customers.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarm monitoring and regular maintenance are critical to help protect your people, property and assets.

Fire Licences, Standards And Legislation

Chubb Australia holds an industry licence to install and maintain fire sprinkler systems as specified by Australian Standards.

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