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Deter And Detect

A well designed, installed and maintained intrusion detection system from Chubb can deter and detect unauthorised entry at your premises, minimise false alarms and protect assets. If an intrusion is detected, our certified Grade A1 R1A monitoring centre operators will action a response plan to manage the incident.

Asset Protection Specialist

Chubb customises the solution to meet the specific needs of your premises. We will assess and determine the appropriate control equipment, detection devices and alarm communications to meet your requirements as part of an asset protection strategy.

Alarm Communication

4G Alarms

Alarm transmission technologies have evolved, mobile data (4G) has changed the way alarms are transmitted and eliminate the need for a fixed phone line. This technology enables constant polling between your premises and our monitoring centre that verifies the integrity of the connection and ensures your premises is constantly protected.

It also means your critical alarms are not reliant on the NBN, which is prone to outages during local area power failures, our 4G Chubb Secure wireless communicators are battery backed keeping your business assets guarded.

Remote Services

All new Chubb intruder alarms systems are compatible with our Chubb remote connected services. Which means our remote services team will be able to connect into your intruder alarm via Chubb’s secure remote management cloud portal, diagnose and attempt to rectify the problems, make programming changes, add and delete alarm codes and cardholders, adjust a time schedule or isolate a zone on your request.

Service And Maintenance

Having a regular service and preventative maintenance program in place for your security equipment is essential to help ensure your system works when you need it most.

Security Monitoring And Response

Chubb operates two state of the art, industry certified grade A1 monitoring centres, operating 24/7 to ensure that we are always there to protect your people, property and assets.

Security Licences And Standards

Chubb is accredited to the highest security industry standards and holds the relevant licences as required by legislation.

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