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the event of a fire

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Emergency Preparation

As part of workplace WHS regulations, all buildings must have an appropriate emergency plan in place to protect employees, contractors, site visitors and customers.

Emergency Plan Implementation

Chubb will help you develop and implement an emergency plan including an emergency procedure manual, evacuation diagrams and staff training. Chubb is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 21411).

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Maintenance and alarm monitoring to help ensure
fire protection

To help ensure your people and property are protected in an emergency, Chubb offers professional fire suppression systems and portable extinguisher services, firefighting equipment maintenance and 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Emergency Procedures And Diagrams

Chubb can develop an emergency plan specific to for your site, including evacuation diagrams and emergency procedures.

Fire Safety Training

Chubb’s fire safety training programs and short courses can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Chubb has fire protection
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