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Fire System Installation

Chubb has experienced and accredited technicians who can design, install and maintain your fire systems and portable fire equipment.

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Design And Commission

Chubb offers a complete fire protection package from early fire detection to quick fire suppression and systems to assist occupant evacuation.

Fire Detection And EVAC Systems

Early fire detection can mean the difference between a small, manageable fire incident and a catastrophic fire emergency.

Suppression System

Quickly suppress fires and protect your critical assets with Chubb’s range of fire suppression systems, suitable for a variety of applications.

Vehicle Suppression Systems (PEFS)

Heat, flammable liquids and electrical components in an enclosed engine compartment can pose a significant fire risk.

Fire Extinguishers, Blanket And Hose Reels

Chubb is a leading supplier of portable extinguisher products.

Passive Fire

Impede the spread of fire through the use of fire protection components that work without the need for activation.

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