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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring is an effective means of reducing the risk of incidents occurring on your property. With 2 state of the art monitoring centres, Chubb are well equipped to monitor your business from burglary and intrusion, environmental events and even offer a personal duress alarm monitoring service for your employees.

Alarm Monitoring Types

Chubb is able to monitor many alarm types and events, and provide a tailored response plan to suit your requirements.

Burglary And Intrusion Alarm Monitoring

Burglary and intrusions alarms are the most commonly monitored alarm types. A burglary and intrusion alarm system is important when access control fails. Property crimes and intrusion events are typically detected by motion sensors, contact switches on your doors and windows, or can be triggered by glass breaking or vibration when an intruder attempts to gain entry to your premises. As part of your security system, when a threat triggers an alert the monitoring centre is notified and action is taken.

Personal Alarm
Personal Alarm

Personal Duress Alarm Monitoring

Hold up, duress and mobile personal safety alarms are security systems used when an individual feels their life is threatened, is attacked or suffers an injury or medical incident. These events are typically initiated by under counter mounted hold-up buttons, wireless duress buttons, mobile personal emergency devices and vehicle mounted satellite tracking systems and are regarded as high priority alarms by emergency services providers. Security services like this work over the mobile phone network allowing for a reliable service and peace of mind.

Environmental Alarm Monitoring

Environmental and plant alarms may help reduce property and asset damage due to failure of critical systems with an alert enabling a tailored response from our monitoring centre. Events detected include refrigeration and air conditioning plant failure, smoke, heat and flood detectors. This form of security monitoring assists with environmental management increasing asset safety and protection, keeping your business safe.

Police Response Guidelines

Chubb’s monitoring centres comply with the “National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines” These guidelines provide a framework for a nationally consistency way in which Australian policing jurisdictions and registered security companies define and respond to alerts from alarm activations to ensure an efficient and effective use of police resources.


Chubb Electronic Security is one of Australia’s leading security integrators.

Service And Maintenance

Having a regular service and preventative maintenance program in place for your security equipment is essential to help ensure your system works when you need it most.

Security Licences And Standards

Chubb is accredited to the highest security industry standards and holds the relevant licences as required by legislation.

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