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From small corner shops, to banks and museums. Minimising false alarms is a priority. All Chubb systems are available with a range of maintenance plans and 24/7 alarm monitoring.

The personal security and emergency management solution bringing peace of mind to enterprise organisations. Forming part of Chubb visiON+, SafeZone powered by Chubb, combines CriticalArc’s award-winning cloud-based safety, security and emergency management solution with remote monitoring, provided by Chubb and its expert team, 24/7.

The integrated solution is suitable for all organisations, whether their staff work on site alone, from home or within a hybrid structure. Companies without security response teams can rely on Chubb for direct management and assistance, wherever you are, while those withexisting on-site security can call on Chubb for additional support.

Key features include:

  • Separate help, medical and emergency alert functions as well as automated ‘fall’ triggered alerts
  • Location data is only displayed when an individual checks-in or raises an alert
  • Also available desktop (ideal for discreet one-click office-based alerts)
  • Quick and easy to deploy across most organisations
  • No initial outlay for a tracking device hardware
  • Optionally, a wearable Bluetooth button can be paired to a smart phone to discreetly raise an alert


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