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Access Control Importance

An effective access control system allows for selective restrictions to be put in place, preventing unauthorised entry to your premises, while staff and visitors are efficiently granted access to their designated locations.

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Access control solutions

An access control system can enhance your existing security system by allowing you to authorise and know who is in your building at any particular time. Possible integration with other security disciplines ie CCTV and intruder offer a holistic security approach.

Reader technologies

The reader technology used will determine the level of security of your access control system, as well as the scalability. Chubb will assess your requirements and provide the most appropriate technology to suit your needs.


This is the most secure level of access control as it cannot be copied or stolen, additionally they cannot be lost. Biometrics use any measurable unique physiological characteristic or personal trait as the unique credential.

Audio video door entry systems

This allows occupants to validate a visitor audibly or visually before allowing authorised entry. These systems are often used in conjunction with an access control system.

Visitor management

A visitor management solution is designed to replace the traditional paper-based sign-in books to provide quick and easy registration of visitors and contractors.

Supporting Services

As a fire and security service provider in addition to installing your system we have a number of additional services available. These services will vary according to the type of system you have installed and are designed to give you peace of mind that your alarm is initiating the appropriate response, kept in good working order and to give you control of your contract/s with us.

Supporting services

Alarm monitoring & response

A monitored burglar alarm provides a response from a keyholder or the authoritative department. Speak to our local experts to see how we can provide you the needed response.

Security legislation and standards

Local legislation and standards related to security systems can be complicated such as data privacy, requirements from authoritative departments. Our experts can assist you.

Service and maintenance

Having a regular service and maintenance contract in place for your security equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most – in an emergency.

Security audit

Our security experts carry out security assessments of your building sites to identify suitable security solutions that meet your requirements.

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