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Protecting data centres is an important priority for every business

Ensuring your investments are protected and business operations are uninterrupted for you and your customers. Data centre and IT managers face pressures from within the business to match increasing demand with quick deployment of fire and security solutions.

The risk of fires in data centres is due to the heat produced from electrical equipment

Our fire safety solutions prevent, detect and contain fires using our innovative detection, alarm, and suppression systems. These systems can stop a fire in a matter of seconds by flooding the high-risk areas with a choice of extinguishing agents to ensure rapid fire knockdown.

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Stopping a fire within the critical first few seconds can reduce or avoid damage to vital equipment and consequently loss of business.

Chubb offer an in-house design and qualified project team with the relevant security clearances. We have expertise and experience of working on our customers’ most sensitive projects, providing an accountable and consistent approach and global project execution within challenging timeframes.

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Safeguarding uptime

We understand you need to maintain the highest efficiency, with maximum uptime and availability. Along with the risk of physical damage to critical hardware and the financial loss resulting from a fire or security incident, there is also the risk to operational performance and reputation. We know downtime of just a few seconds can have catastrophic consequences and that data centre owners and operators need to work with organisations they can trust.

Restricting access

We also offer a bespoke access control solution and a cabinet access management system, specifically developed where a key element of compliance requires an auditable access control solution to closely manage and monitor the movement of personnel on site.

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