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The first line of defence 

Fire Extinguisher Recycling IE
Fire Extinguisher Recycling IE

The effects of a fire can be damaging but some can be detected early and controlled using the right fire safety products.  A recent survey revealed that 93% of fires were extinguished by portable fire extinguishers.* The survey also discovered that the extinguisher content has become more efficient since 2003.

As an essential part of any fire safety strategy, businesses should ensure fire extinguishers are fit for purpose, clearly visible, always available and positioned on escape routes or adjacent to hazards. 

Routine Maintenance 

Regular maintenance visits are essential to safeguard your premises from fire risks – giving you confidence that your equipment works properly when you need them the most. These visits are also a key part of meeting your legal responsibilities to ensure fire detection products are checked by a qualified engineer and kept in working order. 

Fire Extinguisher Training

Using a portable fire extinguisher is reasonably intuitive as they are easily identifiable and operable. However, training is essential to help employees choose the most appropriate and safest method to tackle each incident. Chubb offers practical fire extinguisher safety training, during which participants get to extinguish a controlled fire. 

End-of-life and Recycling 

Eventually, every fire extinguisher reaches the end of its useful working life. As a business, you have a legal duty of care to dispose of waste legitimately and safely via a licensed waste carrier. Chubb offers a safe and legitimate service for the collection and disposal of condemned extinguishers.

Protecting the environment

Chubb’s Extinguisher Recycling Unit (ERU) is a dedicated facility offering the safe processing and disposal of fire extinguishers across the UK; giving you total peace of mind that your extinguisher is being disposed of in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner. We have worked closely with the Environment Agency to develop safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly processes, ensuring that our site maintains its ISO14001 certification. 

Our ERU processes 11,000 extinguishers a day. 100% of the extinguisher can be recycled into a renovated extinguisher or broken down and all the parts reused or reprocessed into something else. The remaining small components are used in waste energy recovery converting waste into energy. 

We are a trusted provider of reliable fire extinguisher products, with our brand recognised nationwide. Chubb innovates fire extinguisher and its ancillaries to meet guidance and legislation. We provide a one-stop solution for all your fire safety needs from reliable fire alarms, suppression systems and extinguishers to detailed evacuation plans and comprehensive risk assessments. Businesses and organisations nationwide trust Chubb as their sole fire safety provider.