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On-board a ship, platform or rig, fire is potentially the greatest single threat to safety, and therefore choosing the right fire protection is a serious business. In the event of fire, there is no municipal brigade to call, it’s down to the crew to regain control. So effective extinguishing systems and fire-fighting equipment are vital.

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Chubb has an international reputation and extensive experience of all aspects of fire detection, fire extinguishing and safety services for the marine and offshore industry. A network of branches provides a nationwide service, which includes the design, manufacture, supply and installation of new systems, the supply of approved equipment, servicing and maintenance, repair and renovation, as well as foam testing and certification.

Services we offer

Fire detection

Chubb Marine & Offshore range of fire detection and alarm systems provide early warnings of a potential fire on-board a vessel.

Portable fire extinguishers

Chubb offers a comprehensive range of marine approved fire extinguishers, including traditional water, foam, powder and CO2 extinguishers to cover most areas of risk.

Fixed fire extinguishing systems

Fixed fire extinguishing systems can be integrated in to fire detection and alarm systems, and are designed to ensure rapid fire knockdown by flooding the area with an array of extinguishing clean gaseous agents and inert gas systems as well as foams, dry powder, CO2 high and low pressure and water sprinkler or water mist systems.

Safety products

Chubb offers a full range of marine approved fire protection and safety products including breathing apparatus, lifeboat equipment and marine approved safety and emergency signs.

Safety training

Chubb offers various safety trainings tailed or made for the Marine & Offshore industry.

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Fire Safety Systems

We can install and service your new or existing equipment.

Supporting Services

We support our customer on system design, install, service and maintenance.

Security Systems

Full range of security products and services.

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