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We Understand Industry Standards

Where interaction with the public is concerned, you need to be certain that the installation and service provider you work with understands relevant industry standards. Chubb ensures that the standards are adhered to, and our systems are fully compliant.

Our world today

The $22 trillion global retail industry is evolving rapidly. Following the trend on omni-channel, consumers demand seamless, anytime-anywhere shopping experiences. Retailers must be innovative, efficient and flexible across their operations to meet continuing pressures and sustain growth.

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Only 23% of retailers are regularly monitoring customer counts/traffic as a key performance indicator2 and 40% of customers are turned away by long lines and wait times3? Chubb can help you to enhance shopper experience and transform retail with smart solutions. We have extensive experience working with retail outlets, from multi-site national chains and retail parks to shopping centres. We are familiar with the needs and requirements that are specific to a retail business such as managing stock shrinkage, analysing footfall through CCTV, but we also understand that no two customer sites are the same.

Chubb solution

Our fire and security solutions and services are specifically designed, installed and serviced with the demands of a busy retailer operating sometimes from both single and multiple sites. We are committed to being a partner you can trust to leave you focused on the retail business.

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Over the years we have introduced retailers to a number of breakthroughs, such as wireless technologies, Remote Video Response (RVR), video analytics and the increasing trend towards Integrated Security Management (ISM). Our dedicated in-house design and equipment testing facilities help us to remain at the forefront of the security industry.

We can undertake a comprehensive security audit of your premises to ensure we are aware of the risks, both internal and external, as well as any specific requirements your business may have.

It may be that you want a security system to be very visible for deterrent purposes, or discreet to blend in with your decor. Our CCTV systems can be used to not only protect from shrinkage but also to give you insight into the behaviours and habits of your potential customers. Through our data analytics, we can help you manage your staffing levels, when customers should be approached, when to open more tills, and where is most eye catching for a promotion.

Our access control systems can ensure your stock rooms are secure. We also provide intruder systems as well as both fire detection and fire extinguishers to give you a comprehensive one stop shop for your security and fire protection requirements. All our systems can be monitored by our state of the art alarm receiving centre and can be programmed to initiate police or brigade response.

Meeting your needs

We understand that where interaction with the public is concerned you need to be certain that the installations and service providers you work with are fully regulated by their relevant industry standards. Chubb works with the industry regulators to ensure that the highest standards are adhered to by member companies and our systems are fully compliant.

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2. Forrester Consulting, “Real-time Data Drives the Future of Retail”, 2016.

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