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While having the right precautions and alert systems in place limits the threat of fire, they cannot prevent every fire from ever occurring. When fire breaks out, the use of extinguishing and suppression technologies is just as important as early detection for preventing disaster. What solution you use will depend on varying factors, including the size, purpose and structure of the site being protected as well as the type of fire, e.g. electrical, chemical, oil etc.

What we offer?

Fire extinguishers

Chubb is a leading provider of fire extinguishers with a proven track record in design and innovation.

Gas fire suppression

Fixed fire suppression systems are installed to protect high value and high-risk assets, such as computers, data files, medical equipment, aerospace or marine applications. These systems can stop a fire in a matter of seconds.

Water mist fire suppression

Marrioff HI-FOG® high pressure water mist system minimizes water damage after activation. It is suitable for many applications such as hotels, data centres, heritage buildings, high-rise buildings.

Water sprinklers system

Chubb provides inspection, testing and maintenance services of water sprinklers system.

Supporting services

Chubb is one of the best-known service providers of fire safety and security solutions for business and institutes worldwide. For 200 years, our mission has been to make your world a safer place. You can get our expert advice on fire and security system design. We configure and install the most suitable systems to fit your needs. After installation, we offer services and maintenance on the installed systems. Our 24/7 accredited alarm monitoring service keeps an eye on alarms and the status of systems and takes action where required.

Service and maintenance

Having a regular service and maintenance contract in place for your fire and security equipment is essential for ensuring your system works when you need it most – in an emergency.

Design and install fire system

Our local qualified engineers design, supply, install and commission fire systems for your building /site.

Alarm monitoring and response

Protect your premises by using our 24-hr monitoring service. Our own alarm receiving centers will take corresponding actions to safeguard your assets.

Fire and security services

Chubb offers complete services on fire and security protection: maintenance, monitoring and compliance.

Help and advice

You want to protect your customers, employees and assets from fire and security risk. You also want the protection solution to be optimal and compliant with the legislation. Chubb can help you. Our fire and security experts can provide you the latest information relating to legislation, policies and standards.

Legislation and standards

Chubb works with businesses large to small; global to local to help them comply with fire, security and health and safety regulations. Speak our local experts.

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