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Referring a friend to Chubb Fire & Security

Refer a friend or family member to Chubb and you’ll be rewarded with £50 off your security contract at your next renewal, if they sign a new agreement with Chubb. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer (the more the merrier), or the number of £50 off your contract you can accrue. Referring a friend is easy: Simply complete the form below.

Refer a friend
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Be sure to include your

  • Chubb customer number
  • Your Name, Address and Email address
  • And your Friend’s details

SOME SIMPLE RULES To refer a friend and receive £50 off your security contract at your next renewal:

  • You must have an active security contract with Chubb Fire & Security.
  • Your friend must take a new security contract and must be new to Chubb Fire & Security.


  1. This promotion is available only to Chubb Fire & Security customers in Northern Ireland.
  2. The individual who is referring the prospective customer must be a current Chubb Fire & Security customer in Northern Ireland.
  3. Chubb Fire & Security customers may not refer existing Chubb Fire & Security customers.
  4. There are no limits to the number of £50 off at renewal that referring customers can earn as part of this promotion, so long as the criteria is met.
  5. At the time of signing up, prospective customers are required to mention the name of the person and address of the customer who referred them in order to be eligible for the promotion.
  6. All £50 off will be applied to the referees account at the annual renewal date.