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Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

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Founded in 1818 by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb, we have been protecting people and assets worldwide for more than 200 years.  

At Chubb, we are driven by a powerful purpose – to be the number one trusted partner to protect the world’s most valued resources – people, property and assets. 

We are a market leader in fire safety and security solutions, providing products and services from fire extinguishers and CCTV systems to inspections, risk assessments, and remote monitoring, to businesses across a variety of industries in a broad spread of global locations.  

In the UK, our 2100+ employees within our regional branches protect over 250,000 sites, supported by a network of highly skilled engineers and our NSI accredited Alarm Receiving Centre. 

And we don’t stop there. Our service teams keep systems and equipment in peak condition to ensure the safety and security of people, property and assets. And through our connected remote services, our customers have complete confidence in their protection with more direct, immediate and easy connectivity with Chubb, 24/7/365.    

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About the Gender Pay Gap

Why does Chubb have to report? 

Chubb has one entity in the United Kingdom with at least 250 employees, Chubb Fire & Security, and under the Gender Pay Gap Regulations we are required to provide a gender pay gap report for this entity. 

What is a gender pay gap? 

The gender pay gap represents the difference in average earnings between men and women over a specific period, regardless of job role or seniority. 

What must the gender pay gap report disclose? 

  • the difference in mean pay between male and female employees 
  • the difference in median pay between male and female employees 
  • the difference in mean bonus pay between male and female employees 
  • the difference in median bonus pay between male and female employees 
  • the proportions of male and female employees who were paid bonus pay 
  • the proportions of male and female employees in each quartile of their pay distribution 

Pay information must be based on data from a snapshot date of 5 April every year.  

Bonus information must be based on the preceding 12-month period.  

Employers have 12 months from the snapshot date each year in which to publish the information on their website and on the gender pay gap reporting portal on the GOV.UK website. 

Our Gender Profile for 2023

At the snapshot date, Chubb Fire & Security Ltd employed 1559 full pay relevant employees (an increase of 47 from previous year), of which 1194 (77%) were male and 365 (23%) were female (no change year over year). 

% Males & Females


% Males & Females in each quartile 

Chart final

% Males & Females receiving bonus pay

bonus pay - male
bonus pay - female

Addressing our Gender Pay Gap

The fire safety and security industries have always employed a greater proportion of men than women, and Chubb reflects this with 77% of our workforce being male.  This means that many of our job roles attract more male candidates, which also means that many of the senior, higher earning roles are occupied by males. 

Our gender pay gap is not a result of paying males and females differently for the same or equivalent work.  It is due to males and females working in different roles with different pay and benefits. 

We will continue to take actions that make our industry attractive to females, we will support career progression, and, if appropriate, reduce pay disparity between male and female employees. 

We will continue to take actions including: 

  • Increasing the number of women in leadership, technical and operational roles 
  • Embedding our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy 
  • Establishing our Policy Review Committee in 2023 
  • Launching our Wellness Community in 2023 
  • Continuing to expand on our talent programs including individual development plans, apprenticeships, management & leadership programs, mentoring & coaching 
  • Developing hiring strategies aimed at attracting female candidates 
  • Conducting our talent review and succession planning process which identifies internal female talent 

Our ambition is to be the number 1 people-first public company, and we want Chubb to be a workplace where everyone belongs and thrives.


David Dunnagan

Managing Director


Lesley Leach

Human Resources Director

We confirm that the data provided has been collated in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.