We deliver our services through a global network of over 12,000 highly specialised and fully compliant staff, 200+ branches and more than 20+ monitoring centres worldwide, providing a customised local service supported by expert teams, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Ensuring your systems work
when you need them the most

Services & Maintenance for Fire Safety and Security

Tailored Safety and Security Maintenance

Chubb provides tailored safety and security maintenance and diagnostic services to suit the needs of your premises, offering preventative measures to catch faults before they occur.

At Chubb, we specialize in offering a diverse range of fire safety and security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and legal obligations of businesses across various industries. Our team of experts and skilled engineers designs integrated solutions that ensure your business is equipped to handle emergencies.

Having a service and maintenance contract in place for your equipment is crucial to guarantee that your system functions flawlessly when you need it the most. Our preventative inspections identify potential issues before they arise and are backed by a prompt and prioritized response if necessary.

Your staff and visitors rely on your fire and security system to provide early warnings for fire or security breaches. It only makes sense to keep your systems in optimal condition, with round-the-clock emergency coverage that you can always rely on and Chubb provides you that support 24/7.

With Chubb’s tailored commercial services, we cater to your individual needs and requirements. Our regular scheduling of preventative maintenance, including thorough inspections and checks, guarantees that any potential issues are addressed before they have the chance to disrupt your business operations.

Chubb Extranet

Connectivity to suit all applications from 4G CAT4, 3G & 2G to the full benefits and power of 5G Cat20 speeds and security.

Driver Minder

The ultimate protection for HGV drivers.

Planned and Proactive Management

We offer a variety of bespoke maintenance plans developed for individual site needs. These tailored plans deliver smooth, uninterrupted operations, reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and prevent unexpected downtime. By regularly scheduling preventative maintenance, Chubb can address issues before they disrupt your business.

National Coverage and Rapid Response

If your equipment stops functioning unexpectedly, you need a reliable team of experts on hand to diagnose the issue quickly with minimal downtime.  Chubb have a team of engineers operating across the UK who can visit your business to inspect and identify issues. Each engineer is prepared and stocked with a wide range of equipment to ensure they can carry out contractual commitments and are always prepared for emergency requests or equipment failures.

Industry specialists


With proven experience in the field of fire and security, we have been delivering diagnostic and preventative maintenance that helps customers avoid costly system failures. Regardless of the manufacturer or original installer, you can be assured that Chubb will be there to inspect, maintain and service your equipment. At Chubb we take the time to tailor plans that meet your specific or unique requirements for all your business needs. These plans include routine inspections as well as dedicated diagnostic and repairs services. We tailor our safety and security maintenance and diagnostic services to suit the needs of your business. If your equipment or systems breaks or requires adjustment, our fundamental goal is to quickly get you back to normal operations with minimal disruption.

Scheduled Inspection

Chubb is one of the nation’s leading providers of security inspection services, trusted by businesses and organisations across a range of industries to provide quality and expertise. 

System Health Checks

Chubb offer security health checks which reviews all your security equipment to improve performance and maximise operations, ensuring that your premises is always safeguarded. 

Manage and protect your facilities

Fire Maintenance and Support

Tailored fire maintenance and support services and plans to meet your life-safety requirements.

Security Maintenance and Support

Tailored security maintenance and service plans to meet your requirements providing optimal value.

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