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remote video guarding solutions

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Chubb provides convenient and reliable remote video guarding solutions including virtual chaperoning, panic monitoring, and video verification.

To give you full confidence that fast security response is on hand should your premises be at risk, Chubb provides convenient and reliable remote video guarding solutions. Chubb continually innovate to reduce costs and create complete integrations, so everything is working towards one collective security goal. Remote video guarding solutions are an ideal way of protecting your premises in a convenient and cost-effective way, without compromising on security. 

Alongside online monitoring and health check services, Chubb also provides lone worker, keyholder, and telecare monitoring to safeguard your employees. Our remote video guarding technologies include virtual chaperoning, panic monitoring and video verification to deliver convenient but effective solutions.

CCTV remote video response

Chubb’s approach is to combine a range of CCTV products and services into complete Remote Video Response (RVR) solutions.

Chubb’s specialists provide 24/7 remote video guarding for CCTV and intruder alarm security systems. Knowing that a dedicated service provider is handling your security systems gives you the confidence that your premises is being kept as safe as possible.

When a security system is triggered, the specialist operatives can make live observations, readily assess the cause, and take action to resolve issues as quickly as possible – whether that is sounding an alarm, contacting emergency services, or any other appropriate action.

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