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Keeping Your people and premises safe

Ensuring you have an adequate supply of fire extinguishers at your premises is a legal responsibility. Not only should you ensure you have followed legislation relevant to your industry and site size, but you should also have a risk assessment where an engineer will recommend the required fire extinguishers and ancillary products for your premises.

Having appropriately maintained fire extinguishers and high-quality supporting products is essential for ensuring you are properly safeguarded in the event of a fire. Chubb supplies and installs a wide range of fire extinguisher products and ancillaries.

Fire extinguisher stands

Chubb provide a wide variety of stands from fibreglass to chrome to suit most office interiors. Fire stands are most effectively used where an extinguisher cannot easily be wall mounted and are often deployed where the overall appearance of a room is important or where improved visibility of an extinguisher is critical. Stands not only protect the extinguisher from passer-by damage, but they can also aid the user in quickly locating an extinguisher in the case of an emergency.

Fire extinguisher theft stoppers

A theft stopper ensures that your fire extinguishers aren’t taken from their assigned position. The theft stopper is mounted close to the extinguisher. The alarm emits a piercing noise as soon as the extinguisher is removed, and it also acts as a highly visible deterrent.

 Mobile fire trolley unit

Chubb offer a range of larger capacity, trolley-mounted extinguisher units for fire risks that demand a greater concentration of first-aid protection than can be provided by portable fire extinguishers. These units are designed to protect against large industrial and marine hazards and can be tailored for the specific risk – giving you flexibility on the size and type of the extinguishers.

Fire extinguisher transport boxes

Tansport boxes are designed to give maximum protection to your extinguishers. Made from lightweight polyethylene, they are strong and durable.

Mobile fire point

Mobile fire points are ideal for those situations where a fixed fire point may not be practical. Chubb mobile fire points are made from quality steel, are resistant to corrosion, and are easy to manoeuvre. Chubb can also supply fire buckets and sand.

Fire blankets

Chubb’s fire blankets are ideal to wrap round people whose clothing or hair has caught fire. These blankets are made of a special high quality fibreglass material that has been carefully coated with silicone rubber.

Fire logbook

Maintaining a fire logbook is a recommendation of British Standard and is also considered good practice. If you ever had a fire at your site, you should demonstrate to your Insurance Company, the Fire and Rescue Service and even a Court of Law that you effectively managed your fire safety responsibilities. Chubb’s logbook is designed for easy record keeping and contains advice and handy reference guides to user’s responsibilities.

Fire door release system

An acoustically activated fire door release device that can be fitted to a fire door to hold it open as required. If the alarm should sound for more than 12 seconds, the system will release the door into the shut position to help contain the fire to a given section of the building.

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