Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) was established as Tyne and Wear Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1974 and became Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service in 2004. Tyne and Wear FRS has 17 fire stations across the boroughs of  Newcastle Upon Tyne, Gateshead,  North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland, and protects approximately 1.14 million people in North East England. 

The Challenge 

FRS faced a pressing challenge with its decade-old access control system.  

This obsolete infrastructure, struggling under the wear of time and technological advancements, was no longer capable of providing the required level of security. Frequent failures and inefficiencies highlighted an urgent need for a system overhaul to ensure the protection of its people and assets. 

The Solution 

A strategic partnership was forged with Chubb, following a competitive tender process, to revolutionise the security framework across FRS’s facilities, including 17 fire stations, the head office, a maintenance facility, and a training centre. This comprehensive upgrade involved:  

  • Installation of over 350 advanced access control points. 
  • Distribution of 1500+ key fobs and implementation of mobile access control. 
  • Integration of door alarms and an interactive estate map for real-time monitoring and control. 

 This system was ingeniously linked with the FRS’s HR database, streamlining the process of access control for employees enhancing both efficiency and security. 

Innovative Features 

  • Real-Time Interactive Mapping: Allowing swift responses to security issues, with detailed door status information status (online or offline), which door is open, who opened it, and when.
  • Automated Access Control: Syncing with HR data for immediate activation or deactivation of access privileges. 
  • Customisable Alarm Parameters: Providing flexibility for planned activities without compromising security. 

The Outcome 

The new, modern access control system provides Tyne and Wear FRS with a much more reliable security solution that provides tighter security, better control over entry, and a more streamlined process for managing personnel and access privileges.  

Door alarms and interactive maps mean security teams can see a door’s status in real-time and act quickly if something isn’t right. There is much more control over access fobs, with the automation of granting new employees access and deactivating fobs of those people who have left. 

Finally, the information generated from the system allows Tyne and Wear FRS to drill down into the data and improve security further. If the same door alarms, then action can be taken to prevent this from happening.  

Tyne and Wear FRS’s collaboration with Chubb has set a new precedent in access control and security management within the public sector, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and safety of both its personnel and the community it serves. 

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