Project Overview Panelco is one the country’s largest wood panel manufacturing businesses, producing wood based products, that include MDF and chip board panels used for work tops and flooring. On moving to sizeable new premises, Panelco was tasked with a major project to protect its employees, machinery and stock held within its 650,000 sq ft warehouse and eight offices. Chubb was chosen to upgrade the control and monitoring of its fire detection and alarm device network. Customer Needs • The design, installation and maintenance of a fire detection and alarm network that will protect all Panelco’s assets and employees working at its one million sq ft facility. • A system that accommodates potential site growth. • A high level of customer service where engineers can be relied upon to know the site and understand the complexities of the fire detection and alarm system. Solutions and Benefits An effective fire detection and alarm system is essential for the safety of Panelco employees, the protection of its assets and machinery and the operational continuity of the company. Chubb was contracted to upgrade the existing network and to service and maintain all detection and alarm components and systems. Chubb fire detection systems provide the earliest possible warning of a developing emergency situation, which enables the swift and safe evacuation of all people from the premises. A fast and reactive detection and alarm system that could significantly reduce the level of disruption caused by a fire is crucial for businesses whose operational viability is heavily dependent on their stock. One of Chubb’s skilled design engineers developed a close working relationship with Panelco’s management in order that the complex system successfully accommodated all requirements. The expertise of Chubb’s engineers and the commitment to designing a system tailored to the needs of the facility were key reasons for why Chubb was contracted. To allow for future site growth, Chubb has updated unused parts of the site with an addressable network that can be accessed and applied to the current fire D&A system when additional buildings are utilised. The customer commented that the consistency of Chubb’s service is something that sets it apart. Wherever possible, Chubb provided the same engineers, who are familiar with the site to work on the project. This is beneficial for busy sites like Panelco as it means that engineers do not need tours or explanations and that clients’ employees can continue to work with minimal disruption. Project Summary An efficient and reliable fire detection and alarm system is a crucial requirement for Panelco. It provides assurance that in the event of an emergency situation it is best equipped to protect staff and equipment. The customer is pleased with the system design, install and maintenance and felt that the high levels of customer service provided by Chubb were paramount to the success of the project.   To learn more about the latest innovative solutions by Chubb, please email [email protected] or call 0800 32 1666   This briefing is intended as general guidance and is not a substitute for detailed advice in specific circumstances. Although great care has been taken in the compilation and preparation of this edition to ensure accuracy, Chubb cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility for errors, omissions or advice given or for any losses arising from reliance upon information contained in this publication. ©2022 Chubb. All Rights Reserved.