Chubb, a leading fire safety and security solutions provider, boasts an impressive 40+ year partnership with Ireland’s largest discount fashion retailer, delivering expert security systems designed to minimise loss prevention.

The Challenge
Founded in 1969, this Irish fast-fashion retailer operates more than 380 stores worldwide, providing quality fashion products at affordable prices.
One major challenge the retailer faces is managing loss prevention, as none of its products are tagged so its stores are an easy target for petty theft.
In-store security is an essential part of the retailer’s loss prevention strategy, but this is not enough alone. The retailer needs a robust security solution capable of not only identifying potential incidents before they happen but alerting staff to allow timely intervention.
The Solution
Chubb has been delivering expert security solutions to the retailer since the early 1980s. Today, this consists of providing a combination of CCTV surveillance, access control and alarm monitoring for all 37 stores in Ireland, all 188 stores in the UK, as well as a large number of stores across Europe in locations including Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.
Chubb’s involvement starts at the design stage and continues right through to the delivery and installation of the security systems. A new store will first require Chubb to assess the floor plan, which will indicate where the tills are, where products will be situated and the types of products in each area. Chubb then marks up the floorplan drawing by placing the cameras at the prime locations where coverage is needed. The positioning of the cameras is vital as the retailer’s in-store security relies on them to help minimise loss prevention. To give you an idea of the scale, an average store will have around 200 cameras.
Once complete, the marked-up floor plan is approved by the consultant who signs off the design, then goes to the electrical contractor who marks-up the containment and cabling around the design. Chubb supplies all the cabling required for the installation and then fits all the cameras, which are commissioned in-store.
The Result
Having supported the retailer for more than 40 years, Chubb is treated as not just a supplier but a partner. Chubb’s portfolio of stores it supports continues to grow in size and diversity – currently, Chubb is working on a 9-storey Listed building in Milan.
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