Chubb, a leading provider of security and fire-safety solutions, has been instrumental in helping protect a global technology giant’s data centre in Ireland.

The client
Founded in the mid-1970s, the technology giant and has since become one of the biggest software companies in the world. After making its name in hardware and software, innovation and digital advances enabled the organisation to evolve into offering cloud-based services. In 1989, the technology giant opened its first data centre in the US offering services from the ‘cloud’. It soon expanded to other locations across Europe, opening its first data centre in Ireland in 2009.
The challenge
The client needed an effective and reliable security solution to protect its hardware and all the digital assets and personal information stored on that hardware. Security is also vital to ensure there is minimal disruption to the online service should a security incident occur.
The Solution
In early 2019, the client appointed Chubb to be one of its preferred security suppliers. Chubb assembled a dedicated security team, who between them had over 100 years combined experience, to create a security solution which would provide maximum security for the data centre.

The solution detailed the critical points where the CCTV and access control systems should be positioned, how the Chubb’s bespoke software would integrate with the client’s system, and how Chubb could assist with the migration to the client’s network.

The result
Following a successful installation, Chubb supported the client’s engineers with the transition of the systems to its network. Chubb’s experience of working internationally is a huge advantage to the client, and as a preferred supplier, the dedicated team is now being utilised to supply security systems to the client’s other data centre projects in Europe

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