Making a difference through charitAble 

In a world where corporate responsibility and community engagement are more important than ever, the marketing and communications team at Chubb has set an inspiring example. They embarked on a mission of kindness, supporting the Hillingdon Foodbank through the charitAble Employer Volunteering programme. This initiative vividly illustrates Chubb’s commitment to making an impact on societal well-being. 

charitAble encourages employees to get involved with local communities 

The charitAble programme aligns with the company’s core value of Putting People-First. It empowers employees to support causes that resonate with them personally. By offering two paid days off annually for volunteering and a donation to their chosen charity, Chubb fosters a culture of empathy and compassion within the communities it serves. 

Carla Sousa, Director of Marketing and Communications at Chubb, encapsulates this ethos perfectly, “At Chubb, we’re a business that protects lives, so it’s fitting that we too support our people in making meaningful connections with our local communities and supporting causes that matter to them.” 

A Day at Hillingdon Foodbank: Teamwork and Compassion 

The volunteering day at the Hillingdon Foodbank was a rewarding experience for the team. They met Muhammad ‘Peter’ Abdullaziz, the Community Project Coordinator, who led them through the foodbank’s operations.  

The team was divided across three workstations, efficiently organising, labelling, and packing food for those in need.  Diogo Jobson, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Chubb, described the day as “a great opportunity to volunteer and make a difference for those who really need it.” Chetna Singh, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, shared her reflections on the experience, “Volunteering at Hillingdon Foodbank was not just about helping others; it was a journey into the heart of what community service is all about. It’s about ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a noble cause.” 

The Impact of Hillingdon Foodbank 

Since 1997, the Hillingdon Foodbank has been a beacon of hope for families in crisis in the Hillingdon Borough. Relying on community support, the foodbank plays a critical role in providing emergency food aid and tackling the broader issues of poverty and hunger. Peter from the foodbank expressed gratitude for Chubb’s support, “Your kindness and commitment mean everything to us. The donation will provide food parcels for 15 families, helping to alleviate the hardships they face due to the cost-of-living crisis.” 

Through charitAble, Chubb is strengthening the bonds between its employees and the communities they serve, proving that humanity and compassion can lead the way in the world of business. 

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