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Chubb offer scalable and integrated innovative security systems and technologies to keep your premises, your people and your assets safe – from CCTV, access control to intruder alarms and facial recognition access control software.

Since the development of the Chubb Detector Lock in the 1820s, we have grown to offer a range of innovative systems and technologies that keep your people, your premises and your assets safe. We offer everything from access control, CCTV systems and intruder prevention to cybersecurity.

From the cost of damage to property and assets, to the risk of harm to staff and customers – crime can impact severely on a business, its operations, and its people. Our comprehensive CCTV, intruder alarm, access control technologies and visitor management technologies can work in isolation or as part of an integrated solution.

Our security solutions benefit from Chubb VisiON+, a suite of remote and connected tools and systems that let you take control of any situation by using valuable data analytics to remotely take the right actions at the right time; whether you’re on-site, down the road, or across the country. Coupled with remote monitoring by our own alarm receiving centres 24/7/365, you can rest assured that should a security breach be detected; our team can respond immediately.

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Security Products

Chubb offer scalable and integrated innovative security systems and technologies to keep your premises, your people and your assets safe – from CCTV, access control to intruder alarms and facial recognition access control software.

From the cost of damage to property and assets, to the risk of harm to staff and customers – crime can impact severely on a business, its operations, and its people. With the enormous choice today of providers and products, not to mention new legislation and regulation affecting the decision-making process, it is not surprising that it can become confusing. When you’re looking to improve site security, Chubb can offer a level of excellence and expertise over 200 years in the making. 

Alarm & Detection

Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarm systems are an effective solution to the threat of intrusion, theft, or vandalism on your premises. Chubb offers a range of systems that include control equipment, detection devices, and audio-visual alert devices.

Hold-up Alarms

Chubb prioritises safety, offering a discrete method of alerting someone in an emergency with dedicated hold-up alarms.

Intruder deterrent

Intruder prevention systems and deterrents are vital for reducing risk of unwanted entry to your premises. Chubb offers a range of intruder deterrent products. 

Perimeter Protection

By combining sophisticated perimeter detection technology with physical prevention methods, Chubb deliver efficient intruder prevention systems nationwide.

CCTV Video Surveillance Solutions 

Chubb offers complete CCTV solutions to cater for all your video surveillance needs. As a leading camera installation company, Chubb deliver a comprehensive package of CCTV products and services to give you the confidence that your full CCTV system – whether it be for a domestic residence or business CCTV – is being handled by a team of dedicated experts. 

Access Control

Reader Technologies

Reader and credential technologies such as proximity ID cards, three-factor identity authentication, and biometric fingerprint technologies are an efficient way to improve your security. Implementing these technologies on your premises means that fewer personnel are required onsite to verify the identity of staff and visitors

Audio Video Door Entry Systems

Audio video door entry systems allow staff to authenticate the identity of persons looking to enter the premises through visual or voice confirmation.  Often used in multi-purpose apartment complexes, as well as on business premises, including multi-site or single-site facilities.

Visitor Management

SISYS, a division of Chubb Systems, is known as one of the most efficient and indispensable security management tools available in the world today. SISYS offers an integrated visitor management system that includes a secure Intranet Visit Notification System (IVNS), allowing the user to view visitor logs and bookings – making sure you are in control of who enters and exits your premises.

Security Solution

Our security offering has expanded to encompass a range of sophisticated systems to meet the needs of a variety of premises. From commercial properties to industrial buildings – Chubb has a unique tailor-made approach to security which makes us one of the most trusted providers of security solutions.

Electronic Access Controls

Utilising technologies to ensure only authorised personnel are granted access to restricted premises, Chubb’s electronic access control systems are trusted nationwide. 

Hosted Access Controls

Chubb is a trusted hosted access control solutions provider. This means that businesses use our sophisticated, accessible systems nationwide.

Physical Access Controls

Physical access controls are your first line of defence against unauthorised access to your premises.

Managed Access

Chubb offers managed access control solutions for premises nationwide – from small shops to apartment complexes and multi-site facilities. 

Mobile Credentialing

The future of security solutions involves smartphone and tablet access control options giving cost-effective, convenient, flexible systems that work for your premises.  


Biometrics are an innovative part of wider access control security systems that Chubb provides to premises nationwide.

Managed Video

With continuous development of our solutions to take advantage of the latest technology, and a fully managed video service, Chubb provide complete confidence in the integrity and efficacy of your CCTV systems.

Video Analytics

Chubb’s video analytics systems are capable of recognising the movement of people and objects, including vehicles, and can deliver a programmed automatic response.

Video monitoring systems

Chubb’s specialists provide 24/7 remote internet video security monitoring systems including fire, CCTV, and intruder alarm systems. 


Monitoring Solution for Petrol Forecourts (PFS)

Chubb is offering the ideal solution, a remote monitoring system that reduces labour costs, allows for an increase in pump availability and trading hours as well as ensuring that the site is constantly monitored for added security and peace of mind.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software can be used to monitor individuals at your premises to safeguard from crime.


Facial Detection

Chubb’s specialist facial detection software is a security tool that uses algorithmic formulas to register the presence of a human face within the frame of a CCTV camera image. 

Thermal Imaging

Chubb uses state of the art security thermal imaging technology to enhance CCTV system solutions. 

Remote Video Guarding

Chubb provides convenient and reliable remote video guarding solutions include virtual chaperoning, panic monitoring, and video verification.

Situational Awareness & Critical Emergency Management

Security solutions with Chubb’s integrated situational awareness tools allow frontline professionals to track assets with intuitive, accessible technology. 


Secure Networks

With trained staff and the most advanced, thoroughly tested digital products, Chubb works with partners to deliver futureproof digital network security solutions. 

Security Services

Chubb’s security services are proactive, meaning that we regularly monitor our systems and products to check they are performing at an optimum level and to ensure they last as long as possible. Ongoing security service contracts give you the confidence that your security solutions will continue to function as expected, and Chubb’s remote surveillance monitoring services are an effective crime deterrent. This means you can rely on these solutions in an emergency, precisely when you need them most. 

Security Maintenance & Support

Chubb’s team of security and maintenance specialists are available nationwide, providing regular maintenance appointments and rapid response visits in the event of faults and breakages.

Security Audit

Chubb are one of the UK’s leading security audit companies, providing detailed and careful assessments of security risks and existing systems to recommend full security solutions.

Digital Switchover

Our digital solutions help businesses and individuals embrace the communication switch from analogue to digital.

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