Chubb is committed to making the world safer and more comfortable for generations to come. Empowering its employees to make a positive impact on society and enriching communities through its charitAble programme remains a key focus for the business.  Four members of the  Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) team came together to support Community Grocery in Burnley in providing affordable food options for its members as well as assisting in the day-to-day running of the grocery.  

The life-changing work of Community Groceries 

Providing fresh, affordable food and a shop of 12 items for just £5, Community Groceries is all about bridging the gap between food banks and supermarkets whilst also building stronger communities.  

It achieves its goal of providing affordable food options to its members through the ‘Little Extras’ section. Here, it purchases branded items directly from wholesalers and passes on the discounts to its members. This ensures that they can buy a variety of fresh products to cook meals for their families every day. Additionally, members receive free wrap-around support and access to courses, including debt management support, cooking lessons and job clubs as part of their annual membership. These courses support members’ wellbeing and mental health while helping them learn new practical skills. 

A memorable day for the team 

Each team member was assigned a different area of the grocery which included collecting and delivering food parcels, helping customers with items on the shop floor, stocking trolleys with baked goods and refilling shelves with fresh produce. Due to the high demand for goods available in store, each area required the team’s full attention and support which helped shape an unforgettable experience.  

About charitAble 

charitAble, Chubb’s Employer-Supported Volunteering Programme encourages employees to make a meaningful difference by volunteering for non-profit organisations or schools that work towards building safe, smart, and sustainable communities. Through this programme, Chubb encourages its employees in teams of three people or more, to give back to causes they truly care about, providing them with two paid days off per year and a donation for all approved projects.  In addition to helping the grocery with their food and stock, the team engaged in insightful conversations with grocery members and how the charity has transformed their lives by keeping their families fed. 

Kimberley Coddington, QEHS Coordinator facilitated the volunteering and commented: “Everyone was so friendly at the grocery, and I saw and felt the difference my contribution made. It was lovely to be able to see charitAble in action. I’d highly recommend people to volunteer and spread the charitAble message.” Mike Whittingham, QEHS Manager added, “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Community Grocery Burnley, from the friendly staff who go out of their way to help anybody in need, to the local farmers market and the donations from suppliers to keep the shop open. It really shows a sense of community and understanding that is seldom seen in today’s world. I am proud to say I could help, even just a little bit.” 

Danielle Steenbergen, North West Regional Manager at the Community Grocery Burnley, was thrilled to have the team on site and said, “Having the Chubb staff at the Community Grocery Burnley was a real treat. Fridays are very busy as lots of our members shop ready for the weekend. Kimberley, Steve, Ben and Mike fitted into the team perfectly, like they’ve been with us for years! With the help of Chubb’s donation of £500, we are able to put this towards buying more food for our shelves.” 

Find out more about charitAble here.