As organisations and their customers increase demands for instant information, data centres play an increasingly significant role in the global economy. The demand for robust security at these information hubs is inarguable, but businesses often focus security measures primarily on preventing cyber breaches, perhaps minimising the importance of the physical security of their centres. Implementing the latest physical security measures to secure critical and vulnerable points against unauthorised access is as fundamental and non-negotiable as installing multi-layered security into digital systems, Nessan Frawley, Sales Executive at Chubb explains.

Year-on-year, the number of data centres increases. In Ireland, which is host to several hyper-scale centres owned by high-profile international companies, we work with a global technology giant to protect its hardware, personal information and data assets against physical threats, having created a bespoke security solution that allows maximum protection while integrating seamlessly into their existing structure.

Data is now the bedrock of business and we need to move with security innovation, installing the physical security systems that will best safeguard the centres that have quickly become such an integral part of society’s daily life. It is appropriate to know who is in, or near, a data centre at all times. It sounds like a daunting task, but it’s one which is made much simpler using proactive technology, including CCTV and video surveillance, audible warning deterrents, and alarm signalling.

Let’s move our focus on to access controls. Monitoring and restricting who enters and exits a building, or area thereof, is a simple concept, bolstered by the development and introduction of innovative technology. Multi-layered systems are the pinnacle of authentication, allowing for the identification and authorisation of everyone within a building, alerting us to movements between each section of the centre. Authentication can take the form of varying approaches, including biometrics and video monitoring, becoming part of a wider system of controls that monitors access and prevents unauthorised entry to specific areas. Tracking entry and managing access points offers a holistic overview of movement across the data centre, allowing us to limit occupancy to authorised people, restricting areas to allow entry only by specific personnel, whilst securing any publicly accessible entry points.

Intuitive and scalable alarms and video surveillance systems are a sophisticated spin on traditional security devices, offering much more than static screens and piercing alarms. A truly effectual system marries trailblazing technology with need, providing a solution that is much more than bells and whistles. We put together dedicated security teams, which work with data centre managers to create CCTV systems around critical points and vulnerabilities. This first layer protection works with other security measures and authentication processes to make it considerably difficult, if not impossible, to access the hub of the data centre.

The physical security of any building should include fire protection as a priority. Physical damage to hardware that contains sensitive data can cause massive disruption, including operational downtime, which risks reputation and financial loss. Fire security safeguards uptime, and implementing a powerful remote system offers unprecedented reassurance. Such a system grants immediate proactive support in response to fire safety issues, such as identifying and repairing faults in the system to ensure reliable and smooth running, and alerting emergency services and service managers in cases of fire detection.

When protecting something as valuable as personal data, you need maximum security, and storing vast amounts of sensitive information calls for flexible, responsive, bespoke systems that join up to form a layered and integrated solution. Combining the management and protection of vulnerabilities with detection and response, your data centre can benefit from a tailored system that provides top-level security.


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