Hong Kong SAR, China, September 16th 2022

Today marks 45 years Chubb has been providing fire and security solutions and services to Hong Kong. Ever since it opened its door in 1977, Chubb Hong Kong prided itself on providing exceptional fire and security solutions and services to customers from retail, finance and health care, to infrastructure and other industries.

Chubb believes any successful company with longevity is about we, not me. It sees every employee is a Leader and supports independent thinking amongst employees. This empowered Chubb’s fire and security experts to think out of the box and create solutions for each project and customer that are bespoke, and reflect a specific context, client ideal and user need, with details nurtured.

Innovation and service excellence is in Chubb’s DNA. Here in Hong Kong, Chubb has built a legacy of industry and company milestones, including installation of Hong Kong’s first modular vault at a renowned jewelry shop and Hong Kong’s first panic room in residential market in 1990’s; a social alarm monitoring service in 1994 and mobile alarm service in 2009. Chubb also has one of the leading central monitoring centers in Hong Kong with the stringent operational standards to protect lives and assets all year round.

Despite the pandemic-induced disruptions over the past 3 years, Chubb Hong Kong has grown stronger. It’s been supporting enterprises in Hong Kong with solutions to simplify internal processes and generate more values from Chubb’s capabilities in fire and security. That includes fully touchless access control to provide peace of mind and ease, video analytics to control numbers and access with confidence, and temperature screening as an additional layer of security to ensure a safer environment.

Firmly rooted in its history with an eye on the future, Chubb Hong Kong will tap its solutions and services to help customers adapt to challenges in the ever-changing marketplace. IoT, AI, and automated fulfilment are just a few of the capabilities that it is leveraging to help customers expand their business seamlessly and efficiently.

“In the past 45 years, our business weathered cycles of good and bad times. But we have been surrounded by the absolute best people in the business; our employees, customers and business partners have turned vision into reality, in more ways than we could have imagined.” said King-Tao Yiu, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Chubb Fire and Security Group. “We’re very proud of where we come from and where we are today in Hong Kong with the achievements we’ve made. With a group of extra-ordinary fire and security experts behind every step of the way, the next 45 years of Chubb Hong Kong shine brighter than ever.”

King-Tao Yiu, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Chubb Fire and Security added “We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past years, but one thing remains unchanged –we are committed to make the world a safer place to live. This commitment has been driving us to progress in all areas to create a better workplace provide for our employees, provide service excellence to our customers and lead the industry in Hong Kong. Wishing Chubb Hong Kong many more years of unparalleled success!”


About Chubb

Chubb is a leading provider of fire safety and security solutions and services for customers worldwide. We have been protecting people and assets for over 200 years. Today, our employees in 200+ branches in 17 countries work to make the world safer, protect people and provide peace of mind. Our fire, security and monitoring services cover more than 1.0 million sites around the world. Chubb is a part of APi Group, a global, market-leading business services provider of safety and specialty services in over 500 locations worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.chubbfs.com