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Today, security systems not only can prevent loss, but also help retailers improve business performance and operational efficiency. Using AI powered by intelligent video analytics, collected information can provide retailers with actionable insights such as improved communication and in-store customer experience, study and influence buying behaviour, and drive better sales through predictive recommendations.

Using HD cameras, video analytics and IoT, it can help you address most of the store audit and management difficulties remotely in post-pandemic times.


  • Maximize operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Improved customer service
  • Remote shop management
  • Data-driven decisions for business growth

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People counting

Advanced cameras and video analytics can count foot traffic at entrances and different zones in store which helps track their in-store pathway. Dashboard is available to see what’s happening in real-time in context with historical data –make smarter decision on operational efficiency and driving up sales.

Facial recognition

Through facial recognition, demographic information such as age and gender can be capture and used to provide further insights to shop’s customer range. It can also detect members of the welcome list and banned list and notify store staff to provide its best experience to its welcome list members and take necessary action against banned list members to maintain store security.

Remote shop management

In this post-pandemic time, travel restrictions may be still in place, and many district managers are now unable or limited as to how much time they can spend time on the road and in the stores. Through real-time connection to 360°panoramic cameras, shop managers can inspect the stores and capture any issues; send corrective instruction, and follow-up rectification from anywhere, at any time, with an authorized devices which help improve in-store customer experience and brand standardization.

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