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At Chubb, we are proud of our reputation and understand that reputation is fundamental to our success. To underscore our commitment to the highest standards of Ethics and Compliance, we have and abide by our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code of Ethics”).

As part of APi Group’s
family of companies, we
have one Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is a policy for our directors, officers, and employees; it guides our business to make ethical choices and decisions. As part of APi Group’s family of companies, we have one Code of Ethics.

Our Code of Ethics is more than an expression of fundamental values. It represents the guiding values of Chubb as a company; it helps to instil ethically sound behaviour and accountability among all Chubb employees.

The underpinnings of our high standards of ethical business practices at Chubb are:

  • We will obey the law.
  • We will act with integrity.
  • We will consider the impact of our decisions on our stakeholders and seek fair resolutions.
  • We will communicate honestly and effectively with our stakeholders.
  • We will always seek to build trust and show respect.

To confidentially report any Ethics and Compliance concerns related to a Chubb business, please contact your local Ethics and Compliance Officer (ECO), HR or supervisor. You can report matters pertaining to financial, accounting or auditing concerns through the Ethics Helpline.

Our suppliers are critical to our success, and in order to provide products and services in a responsible manner, we hold high expectations for ethics and compliance.

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