Chubb's culture is
one of hard work,
pride and commitment

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Our approach has been
formed over more than
200 years of service

Chubb’s company culture is one of hard-work, pride, and a commitment to protecting people and businesses. It has been formed over more than 200 years of service to businesses around the world and is the consolidation of our behaviours, values and beliefs, underpinned by our ethical business approach and objectives.

Chubb is the complete
fire safety, security and
connected solutions service

It can be seen and felt throughout the global business, across our 17 countries, 200+ sites and 12,000+ employees, and plays a significant role in the positive experiences of our staff, partners and customers.


At Chubb, we strongly believe in the values of our business: they form the foundation of our evolving company culture and guide our employees to make innovative decisions and better collaborate, creating a company without borders


Chubb is permanently committed to improving results and we do this by investing in People, Systems, and Processes.We know that it is thanks to the hard work, talent, and loyalty of our employees around the world that we have earned our long-standing reputation for quality, integrity, and service. All of which feeds into our company culture!


Our Code of Ethics is more than an expression of our values. It represents Chubb as a company and is the foundation of our company culture. It helps, not only to instil ethically sound behaviour, but also accountability, among all Chubb employees.

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