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MySafeZone – Frequently Asked Questions

MySafeZone – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in and register for SafeZone?

  1. Open the SafeZone app, which will have been pushed to your work phone 
  2. Enter your Chubb e-mail address 
  3. Go through the normal Chubb sign-in process 
  4. Check or enter details as required on the sign-up screen 
  5. Accept the end user licence agreement 
  6. Accept permissions (see below) 

What permissions do I need to accept in the SafeZone app?
1. Location services at all times – By always allowing access to location, you can check-in and then continue to use your phone as normal, minimizing SafeZone to the background and making calls, sending mail, using the internet and other apps. If “only while using” is selected, this is not possible and SafeZone would have to remain in the foreground. This causes additional battery-drain and stops your phone from being effective. 
NOTE: Always allowing access does not mean your location is always shared with responders. Your location is only shared when you actively raise an alert or check-in.
2. Motion & Fitness Activity – The Motion & Fitness Activity permission allows the app to detect when you are moving and when you are stationary. This information allows it to pro-actively manage battery consumption so that, when stationary, location data is pulled less frequently.
3. Notifications – this allows you to receive important notifications relating to your use of the SafeZone app, or from Chubb’s response teams in case of an incident.

Why does my iPhone shows that SafeZone has used my location many times in the background, even off-site?
‘SafeZone has used your location 55 times in the background over the past 3 days. Do you want to continue to allow background location use?
You must grant the ‘While Using’ location permission to raise alerts
You must grant the ‘Always’ location permissions to enable check-ins, Bluetooth alert devices and location based notifications.’

Messages similar to the one above may seem to contradict the privacy controls, where the app only shares your location while checked-in on site or when you raise an alert. For the app to work, there are other occasions when it needs to access your location in the background, for example if you have automatic check-in enabled and the phone needs to check if you are in a geofence. Despite the app checking the location locally on the phone, this location data is NEVER shared off device and does not go into the SafeZone servers. Your privacy is key and always protected. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Apple’s notification does not distinguish between a location check and a location being transmitted.

Will the app drain my battery?
SafeZone has a number of features designed to optimize battery usage.
Motion and activity detection limits the amount of location polling which is carried out (if allowed in your device’s permissions)
The app can have different activity profile settings, ‘default’ is recommended here for most users.
Also, remember to move SafeZone to the background once checked-in or when not being used.

What if I accidentally press a button?
If you accidentally press any SafeZone call button, you can cancel the call by tapping the button again while the “timer” is winding down. After the alert has been sent, you can still cancel your request, but you may be contacted by the ARC to ensure your safety. Please answer their call or message to confirm you are ok.

Who will answer my call or alert?
If you send an Emergency alert, you will be called by an SMC Alarm Receiving Centre.

How will I know when my alert has been received?
After pressing any of the three alert buttons, your phone will display three icons in the middle of the screen. From left to right they denote:
Obtaining location (checked when successful)
Sending your request (checked when successful)
Awaiting Acknowledgement from security – the text changes from “Alert Sent” to “Alert Acknowledged” once a security team member has seen your request and physically sent you their acknowledgement.

If you cancel, the ARC may still call you to ensure your safety – PLEASE ANSWER SO THEY KNOW YOU ARE OK!

I have changed my (phone number/other details) – what do I do?
It is critical to keep your contact details up-to-date, so that in the event of an emergency, the ARC can contact you.

To edit your profile, just tap on the menu icon at the top-left of the screen. then tap your email address and update the phone number on the profile page.

How is my privacy protected?
SafeZone does not share a user’s location until they send an emergency alert or use the check-in/ check-in timer features. All information that users provide as a SafeZone user is protected by Federal and State Privacy Laws. Read about our privacy provisions: https://criticalarc.com/privacy-policy/