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In the event of an emergency

Edwards notification devices help make sure that all building occupants are alerted and informed of the incident to facilitate a swift and safe evacuation.

Genesis Signals

Signature Series devices are the life safety industry’s first modular detectors. Signature Series detectors are intelligent devices that gather analog information from smoke and CO sensors (if present), converting this data into digital signals. To make an alarm decision, the detectors’ onboard microprocessors measure and analyze sensor readings and compare this information to historical data. Digital filters remove signal patterns that are not typical of fires, thus helping to eliminate unwanted alarms.

Low-Frequency Audible Signals – G4LF Series

Edwards™ G4LF Series notification appliances provide the benefits of Genesis life safety signals with output suitable for applications requiring low-frequency audible tones. These high-performance appliances generate a crisp 520 Hz tone in the standard 3-3 temporal pattern. An optional setting configures the appliance for continuous audible output — a critical feature for notification appliance circuits that are coded with a CDR-3 coder module. G4LF appliances also feature field-configurable high and low dB output settings.

Wall Model LED Strobes and Horns

Innovative LED technology allows the new Edwards™ Genesis GL Series horns and LED strobes a more energy-efficient and sleek low-profile design compared to previous Genesis models making them less expensive to install and operate by reducing overhead, and requiring fewer power supplies, backup power, and batteries. These new appliances are designed with performance, energy-efficiency, and life safety in mind.

Outdoor Rated Horns and Horn-Strobes – WG4 Series

Edwards™ Genesis WG4 Series horns and horn-strobe appliances are among the most versatile emergency appliances of their kind. Rated for indoor or outdoor use, they are suitable for a wide range of wet and harsh environments with listed operating temperatures of as low as -40 °F to as high as 151 °F (-40 °C to 66 °C).

Chimes & Chime-Strobe

Significant development efforts on the Edwards™ Genesis Series chimes & chime strobes have given rise to a new benchmark in strobe performance – FullLight Technology. FullLight strobe technology produces a smooth light distribution pattern without the spikes and voids characteristic of specular reflectors. This ensures the entire coverage area receives consistent illumination from the strobe flash. As a result, Genesis strobes with FullLight technology go well beyond the minimum UL-required “T” pattern, significantly exceeding UL-1971 light distribution requirements.

Field Configurable Ceiling Strobes

Edwards™ Genesis series ceiling strobes are small, compact, and attractive audible-visible emergency signalling devices. Thanks to patented breakthrough technology, Edwards™ Genesis strobes do not require bulky specular reflectors and lenses. Instead, an exclusive cavity design conditions light to produce a highly controlled distribution pattern. The strobes are easy to install and field configurable for easy setting modifications.

Signal Master G1M Series

The Edwards™ Signal Master is a simple-to-use accessory that adds enhanced features to Genesis strobes and horn-strobes as well as Enhanced Integrity strobes. It is a dual-purpose module that provides precision synchronization for connected strobes and independent control for connected Genesis horns over a single pair of wires.

Standard Edwards™ Notification Products

Standard Edwards™ notification products help ensure that facility occupants are made aware of any threats to their safety.

Fire Alarm Bells

Edwards™ Fire Alarm Bells are specially designed for fire alarm applications. The gongs are made of selected alloy steel to give the loud, resonant tones necessary in fire alarm systems. Two gong sizes are available to overcome different ambient noise level.

Lamp Stations – 890 Series

Edwards™ 890 Series Lamp Stations are designed for placement on the wall or ceiling above fire alarm manual pull stations. Wired with the individual fire alarm station, the corridor lamp will “light up” and visually indicate when that station has been “pulled”. This allows the building authorities to quickly recognize what pull station has been activated.

Harsh Environment Strobes

Edwards™ 405 Series strobes are specially designed for use with compatible life safety communication and control equipment to alert the hearing impaired of a life safety event. Strobes are available with 15 cd, 15/75 cd, 30 cd, 60 cd, and 110 cd effective flash intensity. They are fully compatible with Genesis signals.

Hazardous Location Horns and Sirens

Edwards™ hazardous location horns and sirens are extremely high decibel, high-performance signalling diode polarized appliances intended for fire alarm and life safety applications. Signals are solid-state with no moving parts or contacts to wear out. They require no maintenance or lubrication. The signals operate with very low current consumption and do not require extra current on start-up.

Horn/Siren Combination

Edwards™ 5520D series Duotronic signals are 24 Vdc diode-polarized, heavy duty, high-decibel signalling appliances for use in fire alarm applications where a supervised signal is required. Colored sage grey, 5520D Series signals will function as either a horn or siren by setting an internal tamper-proof switch.

Hazardous Location Bells

The Edwards™ 430D series of hazardous location bells are diode-polarized, heavy-duty fire bells for use in life safety applications where a diode supervised signal is required.

Multiple Tone Signal

The Edwards™ 5530MD-24AW Adaptatone Millennium is a heavy-duty industrial, tone-selectable, stand-alone, signalling device capable of producing volume-controlled, high-decibel tones. It uses a microprocessor circuit to create 27 distinctive tones. A single tone may be selected by setting a miniature dip switch within the unit. The Adaptatone Millennium can be activated from a 24 Vdc external voltage source such as an output of a PLC or Fire/Security panel.

Mass Notification

During an emergency, building occupants need to know when to stay put, when to evacuate, and where to go. Just as importantly, they need instructions that reflect the changing conditions of the emergency; instructions that take them to safety one step at a time. EST3 with mass notification provides this critical information by leveraging the power behind Synergy-enabled™ applications. It offers response personnel the tools they need, not only to warn building occupants of imminent danger but also to guide them to safety.

Powerful Audio

Mass notification applications need powerful audio that can keep pace with the demands of an unfolding crisis. With eight multiplexed audio channels, EST3 provides the bandwidth to handle mass notification, and it still has plenty of capacity for firefighters, hazmat responders, and other emergency personnel. In fact, in an emergency, EST3 can broadcast eight different messages to eight different zones or locations – simultaneously.

Multiple Programmable Messages

Different programmable recorded messages can play to evacuation and alert zones while response personnel talk over handsets – and the system operator broadcasts instructions to people in stairwells or elevators. This can be accomplished without interruption or priority queuing that plagues mass notification systems with fewer audio channels.

Finely-Tuned Audio

Loud broadcasts aren’t always the best. EST3’s integrated digital audio is finely tuned to the frequency range of the human voice, and long wire runs are easily accommodated without distortion or loss of signal quality. This ensures that instructions are always intelligible and crystal clear.

New Standard in Building Design

Mass notification is quickly emerging on the regulatory landscape as a new standard in building design. Several organizations are jockeying for the leadership position. Which one will emerge with the dominant standard remains to be seen. Among these systems, only the EST3 event management platform offers the inherent advantages of life safety systems plus the audio and communications power demanded by mass notification applications. See what’s possible. Contact your EST Strategic Partner today.

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