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The rising demand for
logistics and supply
chain management

Logistics and warehousing is the core part of your supply chain management. The rapid growth in online retailing is driving the growth of the logistics market globally. Wherever you feature in the logistics chain, be it a logistic company, warehouse operator, truck owner or you managing your in-house logistics operations, you need to protect your goods and assets.

Minimise fire risk and
asset loss in logistics
centres and warehouses

Chubb offers a complete range of fire safety solutions adapted to your logistic centre or warehouse needs: detection by aspiration, linear optical detection, emergency lighting, wheeled fire extinguishers, armed fire alarms, signalling, and natural smoke extraction. Through our expertise, experience, extensive ranges of materials and services, we can assist you through the startup and/or growth of your facilities. Our operational tools facilitate the traceability of the installation and services carried out. Our experts assist you in establishing fire training programs for your staff.

Monitored intruder alarm

If a warehouse intruder alarm is not monitored by a Central Monitoring Station it is no more than a noisy deterrent for a criminal and is unlikely to prompt a response from the Police. A monitored intruder alarm assists in providing a response from a keyholder and is essential for generating a Police response. Chubb offers a range of intruder alarms designed to operate effectively in a warehouse environment, offering protection to external and internal areas. Chubb will visit a site to conduct a security audit and then design a bespoke system to address the particular security risks, incorporating confirmation technology, in accordance with the latest legislation and standards.

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Improve the effectiveness
of monitoring by remote
CCTV monitoring

A professionally monitored CCTV system can improve the effectiveness of the CCTV system. This combined with a response service enables Chubb to provide a significantly enhanced service to customers.

CCTV cameras and alarm detection systems are placed strategically around your premises to give you protection from unwanted visitors. The system will activate the appropriate cameras, to relay the video images.

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At the same time, the system automatically dials up our security monitoring centre and transmits the alarm signal and/or images. Trained to recognize and interpret events, validate alarm activations as they happen, our dedicated operators take the most suitable action. This can vary from an audio warning, right through to calling the key holder or the emergency services.

By linking this to our Emergency Response service, you are guaranteed a quick and effective response 24/7.

Selecting the right fire safety
and security solution for your
warehouse and logistics centre

Chubb is committed to utilizing our expertise to help you choose the right fire safety and security system. Our qualified surveyors will undertake a site assessment and design systems to protect your warehouse and logistics centre. Contact our local experts for advice.

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Integrated security

Chubb is a leading designer and integrator of security systems identifying and solving complex requirements of critical and large sites.

Fire system

By the integrated approach to the fire safety system design, individual systems can work together as an intelligent single system.

24/7 monitoring and response

Premises protected by Chubb 24/7.

Expert Support

Chubb is one of Canada’s best-known providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses and organizations nationwide.

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