Technology is rapidly evolving, and there is no doubt that it can already improve personal and professional productivity in many ways. However, it is important to remember that ‘going digital’ is not a silver bullet.  

At Chubb, we see the benefits of the solutions we install and service every day; we know that they’re making it easier and improving reliability, safety and security for facilities managers and site operators around the world. It’s little surprise, therefore, that we are enthusiastic about the use of digital technology as a tool for enhancing our customer service. However, we also believe that for its benefits to be maximised, there should be a balance struck between it and human interaction or intervention. Indeed, digital technology must be used to enhance meaningful experiences, not replace human engagement. 

One example of how we are using ‘technology with a human touch’ to improve the customer experience is our Chubb Customer Portal. Designed by Chubb, the portal is a secure online platform that allows our customers to manage their fire and security services. Through the portal, customers can view real-time status of their intruder systems, track service calls and maintenance schedules, access invoices and work orders, service and compliancy reports. 

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This instant access to information and the permanent connection it gives them to their Chubb account, offers customers enhanced confidence in their safety and security solutions. In short, peace of mind. In reducing administrative time, it frees up our and our clients to handle account activities that only humans can do. Customer feedback supports the theory. One customer told us that the Chubb Customer Portal has been saving them two hours a week just by using it to track service calls.  

Another example of how we are using innovative technology to build customer confidence is our SafeZone app. SafeZone is a platform that allows users to register alerts with their local security teams or Chubb monitoring experts in the event of an emergency. 

Sitting within our Chubb visiON+ ecosystem, the solution offers users reassurance in isolated or high-risk situations. One way in which the SafeZone app can be used is by individuals to summon help from local support teams – and when or where this isn’t available, Chubb’s monitoring centre response team. The 24/7/365 presence of live monitoring operators with a direct line into the emergency services, offers an extra level of reassurance that straight technology cannot achieve.  

As digital technology evolves, we are excited to explore the fresh opportunities it offers to productivity and customer service. And yet, if employees and customers are both to benefit from its use, human connectivity must be the real key to success. There can’t ever be a complete substitute for sitting down with a customer and asking them if everything is going well and running as it should be. It’s the combination of digital and human interactions that serves to truly elevate the customer service experience.