Project overview Web Werks & Iron Mountain Data Centres India have inaugurated three data centre facilities on 31 January 2023 , at Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. They selected Chubb India as their Building Management System (BMS) partner. Chubb India delivered the project in record time. Web Werks and Iron Mountain Data Centres (IMDC) entered into a joint venture agreement in 2021 with plans to set up data centres in India’s major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Noida by 2026. Web Werks MUM -2 data cen tre is a colocation greenfield data centre in their new Navi Mumbai campus, with a 120,000 -square -foot campus capable of supporting 12 MW of IT load with Tier -3 uptime. HYD -1 offers upto 5.5 MW and BLR -1 offers upto 7.5MW of IT load. Customer Needs • Provide centralized management / Monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems at Mumbai with maximize uptime. • Create a scalable, repeatable deployment model to ensure consistency of engineering and applications across all data centers. • Deliver a secure, robust , and resilient BMS network across all sites . • Drive sustainability initiatives, save energy, and optimize operational costs across entire portfolio . Solution and Benefits Chubb India has completed & delivered a Building Management System (BMS) for MUM -2, HYD -1, and BLR -1 data center which control s and monitor s the chiller plant, temperature and RH of DC halls, air ventilation units , power distribution units, precision air handling units, uninterrupte d power supply units, battery management systems, transformers, diesel generators, electrical distribution panels , electrical meters and PUEs at rack level . MUM -2 has a total of 25,000 IO points , HYD -1 and BLR – 1 has a total of 10,000 IO points for each loc ation. From a product perspective, the proven solution from Automated Logic Corporation (ALC) is deployed to ensure reliability, availability, optimize operational costs, save energy, and provide seamless integration to mechanical and electrical systems. Automated Logic’s software platform WebCTRL® and OPTIFLEX™ DDC controllers are used. Facilities staff have a “single pane of glass” for centralized monitoring, trending, and alarming for all systems, leading to operational efficiencies. The proposed system also includes redundant and failover servers to provide maximum uptime . Project Summary LOCATION: Mumbai , Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. PROJECT TYPE: New construction and retrofit . BUILDING SIZE: Mumbai & Hyderabad: 1.2 Lakh Sq. feet each . Bengaluru: 80,000 Sq. Feet . BUILDING USAGE: Data Center OBJECTIVES: Standardize BMS design across all data centers, save energy, drive sustainability initiatives, optimize operational costs, maximize uptime, and provide seamless integration to mechanical and electrical system. BUILDING INAUGRATION: 31 Jan 2023 Chubb India received “Star Partner” award for th ese project s. Chubb and Automated Logic Corporation are proud to have partnered to deliver these projects. Inauguration Web Werks and Iron Mountain Datacentres in India Building Management System Partner – Chubb India For more information, please visit: