Chubb is one of the
world's leading providers
of fire safety and security
solutions for businesses
and organisations

Chubb is one of the world's leading providers of fire safety and security solutions for businesses and organisations worldwide


Personal safety app
and emergency
management solution

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Chubb visiON+ will
give your business
complete peace of mind

The SafeZone service is designed to bring peace of mind to organisations and their affiliated persons, be they staff, students or residents.

A key facet of the Chubb visiON+ suite of connected services, SafeZone, supported by Chubb, combines award-winning cloud-based safety, security and emergency management solutions with our expert remote monitoring team, 24/7.

Chubb is the
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Pressing any one of the three alert types, first aid, help or emergency on the smartphone app, will prompt action.

Each organisation can configure the solution so that all alerts are responded to solely by Chubb’s monitoring team, the organisation’s responders, or both. This app-based solution is easy to use and install on Android and iPhones, and it’s compatible with Apple watches making it accessible for everyone.

SafeZone; delivering
safety everywhere

A simple and
responsive service
with Chubb visiON+

Better connected, more responsive – Chubb visiON+ means you can say goodbye to uncertainty, delays and stress.

Our connected services are backed up by our people, who are always on hand to advise and support your business.

Core features

The integrated solution is suitable for organisations, whether their users work alone, from home or within a hybrid structure.

Raising an Alert

Simply press one of the three alert types, first aid, help or emergency on the smart phone app and the alert will be sent through to the Chubb monitoring centre.

Check-In Timer

Give users confidence in their safety during high-risk situations. Users can choose to enter the duration or the time day they anticipate the activity, meeting or trip will take and the countdown will commence. If the check-in timer, is not acknowledged before the pre-set countdown time is reached, an alert will be sent to the monitoring centre.

Monitoring & Response

When an alert is received, a Chubb monitoring centre operator will be presented with the user’s details and location on a map, they will call the user to verify the situation and confirm what action is required. If they get no answer from the end user, they will call the user’s nominated contacts and emergency services as required.


SafeZone does not share a user’s location until they send an alert (emergency, first aid, or help), or decide to use the check-in or check-in timer features. It is not possible for another person to activate the tracking/location function externally. All personally identifiable information is stored in compliant with data security regulations.

Location Services

SafeZone uses the smart phone’s positioning services provided by Apple and Google. Location services uses a combination of mobile 3G/4G networks, Wi-Fi and GPS positioning and requires an internet connection (via Wi-Fi or mobile data) in order to operate.

Wearable Technology

It’s easy to trigger a quick alarm. An optional Bluetooth® wireless duress button is available, that can be paired to your smart phone and will allow discreet activation of an emergency without touching your smartphone. The smartphone app can also be installed onto compatible Apple watches.

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We are committed to extending our existing range of innovative, remote fire safety and security services to all markets. Contact our experts today to find out which services are available in your market.

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