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Chubb provide expert fire risk assessments for business premises to give you confidence in your workplace safety. You must ensure that regular fire risk assessments are carried out to keep everyone safe.

Fire Risk Assessments 

Chubb provide expert fire risk assessments for business premises to give you confidence in your workplace safety, taking extra care to impact your daily operations at little as possible while completing all the necessary fire checks. This means that you can keep your business running as usual and let Chubb take care of the rest. 

If you employ five or more people in your business, it is your responsibility to ensure that regular fire risk assessments are carried out. Chubb provide single site fire risk assessment for small businesses as well as multi-site assessments for larger organisations. As one of the UK’s best known fire safety solutions providers, you can rely on Chubb to help you meet your legal fire safety responsibilities. 

Business Fire Risk Assessments from Chubb

Chubb have a nationwide network of expert consultants who provide fire risk assessments for businesses premises. They bring with them a passion for fire safety and a wealth of knowledge, delivering comprehensive fire risk management and the reassurance that you are meeting all relevant legal requirements. Making things as simple as possible, they will help you to identify and reduce fire risks in your workplace.

Chubb select consultants based on their experience in senior Fire & Rescue Service roles so you can rely on their trained expertise. They are all qualified Graduate Members of the Institution of Fire Engineers as standard, making them ideally suited to provide fire risk assessments for medium or high-risk workplaces as well as workplaces without trained fire safety staff. Chubb’s consultants take pride in keeping up with the latest legislation to ensure the quality of our service and advice.

Chubb’s Standard and Premium Fire Risk Assessments

Chubb’s Standard Fire Risk Assessment is ideal for smaller, lower-risk businesses and organisations operating from a single site. This could include offices, shops, day schools, medical clinics, and places of worship. A Chubb consultant will visit your premises and assess areas of risk, identify how they can be reduced, and recommend any changes that need to be made.

Chubb’s Premium Fire Risk Assessment is perfect for higher-risk businesses, larger premises such as building complexes and residences of multiple occupancy. This could include factories, hospitals, care homes, hotels, and residential schools. These fire risk assessments go above the standard considerations, covering areas such as flammable materials and licensing requirements.

Fire Risk Assessment Renewals

As part of Chubb’s Fire Risk Assessment Renewal service, a specialist consultant will revisit the last action plan set for your business so that they can help you reach any outstanding goals. This will keep you on the right track, ensuring your responsibilities are continuously met.

Chubb are one of the UK’s leading fire risk assessment companies, providing trusted safety and security solutions nationwide for 200 years. In that time, Chubb have made it a mission to continue to keep people safe, and it is that expertise – and the confidence it brings – that means Chubb’s customers return again and again.

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