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Complete retail security systems
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Chubb offer retailers comprehensive retail security systems, solutions, and services to provide everything you need in one place – keeping your staff, customers, premises, stock, and assets secure.

By understanding the issues facing retailers, such as stock storage, high levels of foot traffic, and loss prevention, Chubb approach retail fire and security systems with a great deal of experience and knowledge of the industry. From single-store family businesses to busy multi-site chains, Chubb provides bespoke retail security systems and trusted solutions to premises around the nation – giving business owners confidence. All our systems are fully EN compliant, and we work alongside industry regulators to guarantee the highest standards of practice.

Tailored security for all your needs

Designed, tested, installed, and maintained by our trained network of expert engineers, Chubb’s retail security systems are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your premises, based on thorough and comprehensive security audits and assessments. Whether you want your security systems to be subtle and unobtrusive or placed as a clear visual deterrent, we can install something right for you. We also offer access control systems for stock rooms, fire safety systems, and intruder systems – all of which can be connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for round the clock monitoring.

The future of retail security systems

Going beyond crime prevention, Chubb also seek to enhance retail premises with sophisticated systems that can provide valuable insights – this includes our retail CCTV security systems which can be used for facial recognition, footfall tracking, behaviour analysis as well as crime deterrence and everyday surveillance. Chubb’s wireless technologies, Remote Video Response (RVR), and Integrated Security Management (ISM) utilise the latest advances in security systems to keep retailers up to date.

These retail CCTV security systems can help you make more informed choices for your business – reducing losses and boosting sales. We can provide information that can help you manage your staffing levels, when customers should be approached, when to open more tills, and where is most eye catching for a promotion.

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