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Chubb can design bespoke safety and security solutions using the latest technologies to keep your business ahead of threats and risks

By understanding the unique risks, challenges, and issues experienced on premises in the pharmaceuticals industry, Chubb can design bespoke safety and security solutions. We adopt emerging technologies to keep your business ahead of threats and risks.

Then This includes comprehensive fire safety provisions, from installing the correct prevention, detection, and suppression products, such as fire extinguishers to creating detailed evacuation strategies. Chubb can deliver a wide range of fire solutions suited for pharmaceutical companies including staff training to ensure everyone on the premises has the awareness to act appropriately in the event of a fire.

Controlling security risks with comprehensive systems

Pharmaceuticals companies can be at a higher risk of theft at their sites, from external and internal threats. Chubb can offer sophisticated CCTV surveillance systems which can include state-of-the-art facial recognition software so you can better identify potentially risky individuals at your premises.

We also offer controlled access systems to enable you to secure your premises and only allow authorised personnel within restricted areas. Perimeter security is a high priority for pharmaceutical companies and Chubb can assess and evaluate sites to recommend solutions that can improve your operations, continuously monitoring and maintaining them after installation.

Similarly, safeguarding data on computer systems – where valuable and sensitive information may be stored – is absolutely vital. Chubb are experienced at installing systems specifically designed for high-value assets such as data centres and server rooms.

Chubb’s tailored safety and security solutions

Chubb’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure immediate and appropriate action is taken in the event of an emergency. Contact Chubb to learn more about how we can create a unique solution for your pharmaceutical organisation.

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